– Our Bakery –

At Kapiti Cakes & Bakery we have over 400 products we can produce, there is never a dull moment at Kapiti Cakes. We make a lot of traditional products like Battenburg and Eccles, we also have some favourites that have been part of the windmill and Kapiti Cakes Brands for over 40 years, such as the Meringue Mice, Clown, and Mexican Hats. We keep up with the current trends and you can find cronuts, red velvet cakes and drizzle cakes. 
Here are some examples of Kapiti Cakes & Bakery selection:

Food allergies or gluten free are no fuss for us

Dietary constraints because of food allergies, intolerances, gluten free, religious or other reasons cause no fuss at Kapiti Cakes.

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